Frequently Asked Questions 

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Frequently asked questions

What is Atom Call and why should I use it?

Atom Call is a messenger application to make phone calls, send messages, transfer data. Atom Call is available for free on iOS and Android. Also, you can call any number that doesn’t have Atom Call at low rates using AtomOut.

Does it cost anything to use Atom Call?

Atom Call video/audio calls and text messages are free. You can call any number that doesn’t have Atom at low rates using Atom Call

Does Atom Call work on my phone?

Atom Call messenger is available for iOS and Android users for free. Atom works on most smartphones and devices. Choose your country code and register your cell phone number. After registration you will receive a message with a confirmation code on your cell phone. Confirm your code and you can start using Atom Call.

Why don’t I receive my notifications in my Android phone?

To get notifications even if Atom Call is not in the background, please make sure that Atom Call is allowed to autorun in the background.
In some Android smartphones, in order to save the battery usage, only a limited number of apps are allowed to autorun in the background by default.

How many numbers can I use for Atom Call?

If you have more than one cell phone number you can logout and sign in with another number in the same way you did with the first one.

Are my calls and messages placed through Atom Call safe/encrypted?

Atom Call is one of the most secure messenger applications available with multi-layer security systems, which have no negative impact on Atom Call performance. Unlike other similar messaging apps, Atom Call does not store your messages or any other personal information on its servers. Moreover, all your video calls, audio calls, messages and signaling are encrypted. A new key is generated with every call. Encryption algorithms are RSA-2048 and C4+.

How do I make a phone call via Atom Call?

With Atom Call you can place a call to anyone for free if they are also using the application and even if they’re in another country. Atom Call Calling is available on Android and iPhone devices. Calling between Atom Call apps is done via internet connection.

What is Atom Out?

Atom Out allows Atom Call users from all over the world to make calls at low rates from smartphones to landlines or mobile numbers, even if they are not using Atom Call messenger app. You can also place emergency calls with Atom Out.

Can I use Atom Call to make international calls?

You can contact anyone on the same, or different, network and even in a completely different country if they are using Atom Call messenger. The number of calls and messages are not limited.

How do I add credit?

Go to your Atom Call settings and choose “My Balance”. Then choose the amount of money you would like to add to your Atom Call balance. Pay with your credit/debit card.