AtomCall Messenger Features

Low Data Usage 


Designed to work with slow and crowded network connections, AtomCall consumes less mobile data. Make HD voice and video calls for up to 7 minutes consuming only 1MB of bandwidth.


AtomCall cares about your wallet. The “Low Data Usage” tab on the app can be toggled when to save precious data when making phone calls on slow or expensive network connections. 


AtomCall is the most economical app on the market. Make high quality calls for up to 7 minutes using a single Megabyte of bandwidth.


Security and Privacy


Your privacy is our priority. Your communication is secure with AtomCall and never stored on any server. Only you can see what you write or share with your friends.  


AtomCall is the most secure messenger thanks to its serverless concept and revolutionary technologies.

HD Voice and Video Calls


Enjoy HD voice and video calls with anyone on AtomCall and never miss even a word. AtomCall recovers lost voice and video data to keep your communication going.

Tired of low-resolution grainy videos? Download AtomCall and start enjoying free HD Video chats. At 720p resolution with photo-realistic colours and crystal clear voice, our Video Calls quality is second to none.

AtomCall keeps you securely connected in public spaces, cafés, or airports and automatically adapts to your Internet connection to always provide you with HD quality calls.

Fast and Private Messaging


Send instant messages, share photos, videos or any other files when you cannot make a call. Record voice and video messages with a single tap to capture moments of your life and share with your friends and family.


Unlike others we do not store any of your data on any servers: not your messages, not even your contact information. There are all the features you need: send photos and videos, files, and location. Create group chats to keep in touch with your family or coworkers.

Call Forwarding


How to get real roaming at a fraction of the cost while traveling? As a cheaper alternative to expensive roaming charges, activate call forwarding and stay available for your loved ones.



Almost no Internet? Even AtomCall struggles to connect? You are ready to bite the bullet and pay that long-distance charge? Wait a second, AtomCall has a solution for you.


Request a Callback and enjoy much cheaper call rates.